Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions opreis.nl

These general conditions apply to agreements between opreis.nl and buyers of its products and services.

Products and services

The inspiration page
On the inspiration page contains a description and one or more images of the customer’s offer. There are also one or more hyperlinks to the client’s website. We make the page for you based on the supplied image, text material and website. Within the subscription period you may implement one free change such as another image. Afterwards  we can make changes, but it costs € 25 per change.

Other services
Opreis.nl also offers other services, whether or not in combination with the inspiration section.

Application and entry
Opreis.nl assesses each application for an inspiration page. We make sure that providers fit the profile of opreis.nl and therefore look at the following: appearance of the website, the scale of the business, how inspiring and particularly the offer. We review each application and take only the applications that fit the profile of opreis.nl and other offerings.

Dissolution and duration of the agreement
Should it be that the character of an authorized site suddenly changed for the worse, then we reserve the right to terminate the contract unilaterally. If the website shows illegal, immoral or disgusting things, we do that too.

The customer can ask for the inspiration page to be removed. If this happens during the first agreed period of service, there is no cost and there is no right to a refund.

Subscriptions after expiration, if not canceled, automatically are extended for the period of one year. After the first contract period,  the service may be terminated each month and will, if appropriate, by offsetting and refund of subscription fees. When renewing the subscription the price may be adjusted.

Opreis.nl is not liable for the content of the website referred to or for the consequences of entry with an inspiration page or to any other service on opreis.nl.

If there are errors in the inspiration page or the links, the customer can indicate this to opreis.nl. Opreis.nl will alter those errors within reasonable time. If errors such as an incorrect hyperlink or listing, are caused by opreis.nl, the adjustment is free. If the error was caused by a faulty supply of data, the first change will be made free, afterwards we will charge  € 25.

Opreis.nl strives for speed and reliability of the website. We are however not liable for technical defects, disruptions or other issues that make the website temporarily unavailable or poorly accessible. With exceptionally long faults that causes the website to be not available, we will compensate for this in time. Opreis.nl however is not materially liable and never liable for an amount greater than the value of the contract.

Only after receipt of the payment by the customer will opreis.nl proceed to provide the service.


Part of these terms and conditions are our disclaimer and privacy policy stated on the website.
If we think it is needed, we can modify these terms and conditions.
In case of disputes, the Dutch law applies and the Dutch courts. This is a translation from our Dutch terms. In case of a dispute, the Dutch terms are valid.

February 2015